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Climate Change Politics


Climate Change Beliefs and their Correlates in Latin America. Nature Communications, 14, 7241 (2023). With Guilherme Fasolin and Juliana Camargo.

Correlates of Climate Change Risk Perception: Evidence from Latin America (under review). Research Square. With Guilherme Fasolin, Renan C. Marques and Juliana Camargo.

Beyond Jobs: The Effects of Corporate Social Irresponsibility on Individual Attitudes toward Foreign Direct Investment (Working Paper). With Carolina Moehlecke and Guilherme Fasolin, 2024. PDF

Defiance Against Foreign Shaming during Climate Crises (Working Paper). With Guilherme Fasolin, Juliana Camargo, and Renan C. Marques. 

Costless Defection: When Enforcing the Paris Agreement Fails (Working Paper). With Guilherme Fasolin and Renan C. Marques. 

Nationalist Backlash Against Foreign Climate Shaming. Global Environmental Politics, 22, no 1 (2022): 139–58. With Umberto Mignozzetti and Guilherme Fasolin.  PDF Supplementary Material

Autocracy & TR


Introducing the Latin American Transnational Surveillance Database (LATS). With Marcos R. Fernandes, Lucas O. Paes, João Dalla Pola and Vitor Sion. (Forthcoming)

Drivers of Negative Perceptions of Chinese FDI: Experimental Evidence from Brazil (Working Paper). With Carolina Moehlecke and  Guilherme Fasolin, 2023. PDF

Hypocrisy Costs: Experimental Evidence on Foreign Public Support for Liberal International Order. With Guilherme Fasolin [Pre-Analysis Plan].

Networked Resistance to Transnational Repression (Working Paper).

How Time Horizons Moderate Patron Influence on State Repression (Working Paper).

Regionalism and Political Violence: Hegemony through Transnational Social Compacts in Cold War South America. In Latin America in Global International Relations, edited by Amitav Acharya, Melisa Deciancio, and Diana Tussie. Routledge, 2021.



Public Support for Nuclear Proliferation: Experimental Evidence from Brazil. Journal of Global Security Studies, 7, no 4 (2022): 1-11. With Guilherme Fasolin and Juliana Camargo.

PDF | Supplementary Material

The Global South in the Nuclear Age, forthcoming in The Cambridge History of the Nuclear Age, edited by Leopoldo Nuti and Christian Ostermann.

Regional Security




Strategies of Rising Brazil: Postmortem Review, Looking Forward. Contemporary Politics, 28, no 1 (2021): 20-37. PDF.

República na era da globalização. In Dicionário da República: 51 textos críticos, edited by Lilia Moritz Schwarcz and Heloisa Murgel Starling. São Paulo: Companhia das Letras, 2019. PDF.

Brazil: When Political Oligarchies Limit Polarization but Fuel Populism. In Democracies Divided: The Global Challenge of Political Polarization, edited by Thomas Carothers & Andrew O'Donohue, 228-254. Washington DC: Brookings Institution Press, 2019. With Umberto Mignozzetti. Amazon.

Diplomacia da Ruptura. In Democracia em risco? 22 ensaios sobre o Brasil hoje, 228-254. São Paulo: Companhia das Letras, 2019PDF. 

Brazil: The Costs of Multiparty Presidentialism. Journal of Democracy. 29, no 2 (2018): 113-127. With Eduardo Mello. PDF.

Brazil: Shadows of the Past and Contested Ambitions. In Shaper Nations: Strategies for a Changing World, edited by William I. Hitchcock, Melvyn P. Leffler, Jeffrey W. Legro, 17-35Harvard University Press, 2016. PDF.

O projeto autonomista na política externa brasileira. In Política Externa, Espaço e Desenvolvimento, edited by Aristides Monteiro Neto, 19-60.
 1ed. Brasília: Ipea, v. 3, 2014. PDF.

Brazilian Assessment of the End of the Cold War. In The end of the Cold War in the Third World: new perspectives on regional conflict, edited by Artemy M. Kalinovsky and Sergey Radchenko, 229-244. New York: Routledge, 2011. PDF.

Obama and Brazil. In Shifting the Balance: Obama and the Americas, edited by Abraham F. Lowenthal, Theodore J. Piccone and Laurence Whitehead, 43-53, Brookings Institution Press, 2011. PDF. 

Globalização e Estado nas revoluções globais de 1968: Irã, Brasil e Indonésia. Revista Estudos Históricos. 23, no 46 (2010): 363 - 376. PDF.

Ideias de ativismo regional: a transformação das leituras brasileiras da região. Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional53, no 1 (2010): 25-44. PDF.

Origens e direção do Pragmatismo Ecumênico e Responsável (1974-1979). Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional47, no 2 (2004): 191-222. PDF.

O Brasil e a Argentina entre a cordialidade oficial e o projeto de integração (1967-1979). Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional. 45, no 1 (2002): 117-145 . PDF.

A abertura do Acervo Azeredo da Silveira. Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional. 44, no 2 (2001): 186-189. PDF. 

18 dias: quando Lula e FHC se uniram para conquistar o apoio de Bush. Objetiva, 2014. Amazon.

Kissinger e o Brasil. Jorge Zahar, 2009. Amazon.

Dez Desafios de Política Externa. (Edited by Matias Spektor). CEBRI, 2016PDF.

Azeredo da Silveira: um depoimento. (Edited by Matias Spektor). FGV, 2010. Amazon.


Confronting Climate Skepticism in Brazil: Recommendations for Communicators. São Paulo, Brazil: School of Internatinal Relations at FGV. With Guilherme N. Fasolin and Vitória Totti Salgado (eds.) (December 2023).

PDF | Portuguese version

Brazil Case Study in “Opening Up Democratic Spaces”, edited by Rachel Riedl, Paul Friesen, Jennifer McCoy, Kennedy Roberts, and Murat Somer. USAID (July 2023).


The Upside of Western Hypocrisy: How the Global South Can Push America to Do Better (July 2023). 

PDF | Foreign Affairs

UN Security Council Reform: What the World Thinks - Brazil. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. With Stewart Patrick et al. (June 2023).

PDF | Carnegie Endowment

In Defense of the Fence Sitters: What the West Gets Wrong about Hedging. Foreign Affairs, Vol 10, Number 3: 8-16. Special issue on The Nonaligned World: The West, the Rest, and the New Global Disorder. (May/June 2023).


What Lula’s Return Means for the Amazon: The Fate of the Brazilian Rainforest Has Global Implications. Foreign Affairs. With Guilherme Fasolin (November 2022).

PDF | Foreign Affairs

Prospects for Nuclear Governance in Brazil, An Independent Report by Togzhan Kassenova, Lucas Florentino and Matias Spektor (March 2020).
PDF | Portuguese version

Bolsonaro will regret baiting China the Chinese Tiger, The Financial Times (December 2018).


Brazil's Nuclear Naval Fuel: Choices and a Road Map for Productive Engagement. Institute for International Science & Technology Policy, Occasional Paper Series, Reducing Risks from Naval Nuclear Fuel (October 2018).


Si no logra los cambios prometidos, la ola también se lo tragará, La Nacion (October 2018).


It's Not Just the Right That's Voting for Bolsonaro. It's Everyone, Foreign Policy (October 2018).


How Brazil's Operation Car Wash Is Threatened by Politicians,  Foreign Affairs (May 2018).  


Prospects for Safeguarding Brazil's Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program. Issue Brief. Federation of American Scientists (August 2017). 


How to Fix Brazil: Breaking an Addiction to Bad Government. Foreign Affairs: 102-110. With Eduardo Mello (September/October 2016).

AQ Top 5 Corruption Busters: Sérgio Moro, Americas Quarterly (October 2016). 


Five Goals for Brazil's New Foreign Policy, Americas Quarterly (October 2016). 


A política externa de tucanos e petistas, Folha de São Paulo, Ilustríssima (Outubro de 2015). 


The State of Brazil's South American Project. Inter-American Dialogue: 1-11 (June 2014).  


U.S. Nuclear Accommodation of Brazil a Model for Iran Policy? World Politics Review (July 2013). 


Humanitarian Interventionism Brazilian Style? Americas Quarterly (Summer 2012).


One Foot in the Region: Eyes on the Global Prize, Americas Quarterly: 56-61 (Spring 2011).


Brazil-China: What's Next After Rousseff's Visit? Americas Quarterly (April 2011). 


Here's the link to seven years of my foreign column at Folha de S. Paulo, Brazil's leading daily newspaper.

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